Process management as a basis for successful companies. The BearingPoint process management approach offers a comprehensive toolbox for your company.

BearingPoint process management toolbox


European industrial companies – e.g. in the machinery and plant manufacturing and the automotive supplier industries – increasingly face new challenges (see box at right).

In order to stay competitive, companies must cope with the pressure to change that results from these challenges. Production-oriented corporate management increases in importance, and traditional business models are replaced by flexible, customer-oriented systems. This also involves the transition of production and information technology processes from automated, function-related models into flexible end-to-end processes.

BearingPoint supports its customers in the transition of traditional business models into modern, trendsetting corporate structures. In addition to what is called the Business Transformation Framework, BearingPoint offers a toolbox that includes appropriate software and special production models for several sectors.

The Business Transformation Framework (BTF) includes a comprehensive production database with several reference processes from various sectors, a maturity-level model to measure the production maturity of a company, as well as tools for the documentation and optimization of production. In addition, the BTF also offers templates for the actualization of production-related optimization projects, with best-practice approaches for the fast and effective implementation of initiatives that increase the focus of production within the company.

An industry-specific production model complements these methods. In addition to a general overview, the model depicts scenarios and business types. These include models for make-to-order or inter-company processes. The model and the scenarios are based on BearingPoint’s longstanding experience in diverse consulting projects in producing industries.

Production optimization:
Optimization of production-oriented procedures based on best-practice processes, in order to increase efficiency in all logistics departments
Re-engineering of supply-chains:
Holistic re-engineering of existing processes in which these are not only optimized, but if necessary completely redesigned
Harmonization of processes & IT template projects:
Harmonization of processes in various corporate sectors based on production and SAP templates.
Templates to implement successful change-management initiatives in production-related changes, which enable simplified communication within the organization, and beyond the project through standardization.
Organizational projects:
Implementation of organizational projects through best-practice approaches for smooth transition into future-oriented organizations.

Our partner in the BPM sector – Signavio

Professional process modeling with the Signavio Process Editor

signavio_logoBusiness processes are fascinating, but also complex. A professional tool is needed in order to recognize relationships, difficulties, and risks. All involved parties should be involved in production planning. The Signavio Process Editor helps to generate most innovative, completely web-based solutions for the modeling of business processes. A complex software installation or intensive training courses are not necessary.

The Signavio Process Editor is available in two different versions: as a secure cloud service, or as a direct version where the software is directly installed onto your server and which allows for full system control for your IT department. With our “Software as a Service” (SaaS) version, it is possible to avoid any installation or administration interference. Instead, you benefit from an innovative and reliable technology that enables you to keep an eye on your business processes at all times. After merely four years, more than 400 customers – many of which use the SaaS version – already trust our service. In addition to renowned German companies, such as IHK or German Telekom, our product is also increasingly in demand on an international level (e.g., Ciso, Swisscom).

signavio_screenshotDocument business processes according to your demands. Due to innovative web technology, you can immediately initiate production modeling and involve all key persons.
Profit from our interactive network: With the help of the BPM Collaboration Portal, all your employees have access to and can comment on authorized process models. Since no previous knowledge is required for our QuickModel (table-based process entries), casual users and newcomers can also use the tool without any problems. Use this model in addition to modeling licenses and involve your employees – without any training effort.

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