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engineers, workers with giant cogwheels powered by chainsEuropean industrial companies have undergone an exceptionally fast and intensive globalization process. The global market promises growth and cost advantages requires complex globalization skills. Globalization competences and the organization of internationalization processes are prerequisites for global competitiveness.

The continuing progressive globalization also transforms After-Sales services into an essential element of the product life cycle, thus turning After-Sales Service Management into a critical globalization competence. In order to realize this potential, companies transform their Service Management processes.

In this context the GEXSO service study examines how the service sector in industrial companies is currently organized and how it aims to uncover trends in global Service Management. Amongst other things the study examines aspects such as worldwide auditing and quality management processes, as well as topics such as globally coordinated marketing and sales strategies, service specific KPIs and digital trends.

The study focusses on the following industry sectors: machinery and plant manufacturing, high-tech, aviation, aerospace and defense, industrial component manufacturers and automotive suppliers.

GEXSO offers participating companies the possibility to compare themselves within their sector free of charge and enables them to identify success factors and new capabilities in global service management.

We would greatly appreciate if you took 20 minutes of your time to contribute to our study with your expertise and experience.


Click here to participate. All data will be handled as strictly confidential and evaluated anonymously.


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