About GEXSO – A welcome note by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Pfohl

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Global economy is shaped by a high degree of complexity. Companies that act globally face highly diverse challenges and manage complex supply chains to implement their acquisition, production and distribution processes. In this context, we seek to determine the extent to which the structures and processes of a supply chain determine the success and worth of a company and which role suppliers, partners and customers play. The magazine LOGISTIK HEUTE, BearingPoint and Darmstadt Technical University are cooperating to conduct a series of studies on the sector of supply chain and network management that will be published on this website. Additionally, we will keep you up to date with current news and complementary publications in relation to this topic. The studies will be conducted regularly in companies that are part of the machinery and plant engineering sector, the industrial components manufacturing sector, and the automotive supplier industry. They will cover current issues and aim to reveal fundamental developments based on a time series analysis. By looking at these specific industries we focus on three very innovative and dynamic sectors that offer a diverse perspective due to their extensive physical material flows and their international orientation. As the basis of the studies, our team has prepared surveys that are conducted in expert interviews and complemented by case studies from several projects in which the research team is involved. We would like to kindly thank all persons who contribute to the studies in advance, particularly those who complete the detailed survey and make our analyses possible in the first place.

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