Roundtable “Excellence in Demand Planning”

More than 30 clients attended engaging talks and lively discussions at our roundtable “Excellence in Sales Planning” on October 6th in Frankfurt am Main

IMG_2273.jpgOn October 6th 2015 the roundtable “Excellence in Sales Planning” took place in our branch in Frankfurt am Main. 25 participants from the sectors industrial equipment and manufacturing, chemicals and life science, and consumer goods as well as five external speakers discussed the topic sales planning from various perspectives and from the viewpoint of different industries.

BearingPoint opened the event by presenting highlights of the recently published BearingPoint study ‘Excellence in Demand Planning’ in which 168 European companies took part.

In the subsequent presentation, one speaker explained how technological change impacts sales planning in her industry sector. Technological change shortens product cycles and complicates planning on the product level due to the lack of historical data. Consequently, her company now focuses more on timeless product characteristics which enables them to increase their planning accuracy.

Further talks covered the integration of sales planning in financial planning, planning requirements of commodity suppliers and technical support of planning requirements via software solutions.

There were lively discussions during the event and in the intermissions. Findings that were shared by participants included: “We achieved a 10-20 percent improvement of planning accuracy as a result of procedural changes and improved system support. Of course, neither will work without the other.” or “The integration of sales, production and financial planning is an important topic in all industry sectors.”

Many participants regarded the event and in particular the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions with industry colleagues as very valuable.

You can download our study that was discussed at the roundtable here:

Download “Excellence in Demand Planning Study 2015”

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